Birthday Wishes For Ex Lover | Happy Birthday Ex Lover Images

A cool and adorable collection of happy birthday images, messages and wishes greetings for you to free download and share your bday wishes with your ex lover. Wish him/her by reminding about the great support in your hard times. You can use these birthday wishes images or pics to express your inner heart feelings after separation coupled with a happy birthday saying with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend. Use these heart touching bday wishes pictures as a gesture to thank your ex lover for the happy moments.

    Today is your special day and it surprised me that I still remember this tiny detail about you.

    I know today is the day of your birth and I wish you well, even if you do not remember me.

    Even though we may not be together any longer, what we had mattered as much to me.

    We just weren’t right for each other or it just wasn’t the right time, for now, enjoy your birthday.

    If you’d forgotten me by now, then I guess you never loved me at all, still I hope you have fun.

    Here is a sensitive and positive collection of birthday wishes images for ex lover which you can share with him/her at free of cost. Feel free to free download and share a birthday wishes greetings with your ex lover and let him/her to know your genuineness. These bday greetings with quotes, messages are easy to download and share via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, picture messages to show your affection after separation.

    What we once had is long gone, we are different persons now so I am giving you my best.

    Even if we have separated, I will always be here for you, okay, happy birthday ex-love.

    I will no longer be bitter about life and love because I know one day I will find the right one.

    I hope you have an awesome celebration, one that would not include me, not now, not ever.

    Sometimes, the best relationship is what kills you in the inside but I hope you are okay now.

    Even though you are separated from your lover, but he/she is an important person in your life who gave many beautiful memories. Express your thanks for that. His/her birthday is the perfect occasion to express your thanks along with a birthday wish. So just to express your thanks and wish to your ex girlfriend/boyfriend, you can use these "birthday images for ex lover" with quotes in Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc and make him/her to understand your affection and pain too.

    I will never regret what we had for I was happy for those things, happy birthday ex-boyfriend.

    Fighting was never in my agenda but it we sure did a lot, I wish we can just celebrate today.

    You are a great guy but I guess you were never mine to begin with, hope you enjoy your birthday.

    May all of your plans eventually succeed and that you get to enjoy special moments like this.

    We have made it through a lot of things except the breakup but I hope you have fun today!

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